Dr. Michelle Thornberg Orthodontist

Creating Smiles Along the Lakeshore.

Dr. Thornberg provides a variety of orthodontic treatment to meet every patients individual needs.

Traditional Braces (silver and gold)
Cosmetic Braces (Clear)
Hidden Braces/ Incognito
Harmony Lingual (backside of the tooth) Braces
Clear Correct
Early Treatment
Combined surgical and orthodontic treatment

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What are patients\ parents saying about our office?

"I've heard great things about you and your office from the moms at St. Pats."
"Your office is great, you always have the latest technology."
"You are the only Incognito provider on the lakeshore, so I willing to travel 40 min for my appointments."
"The office remodel looks great"



Our goal is to provide excellent orthodontic care for our patients, utilizing the most modern technology and advanced orthodontic techniques.

We strive to educate our patients in an exciting and comfortable atmosphere. We like full family involvement and encourage parents to come back to the treatment rooms to see us in action and have us answer any questions.

We are dedicated to providing you with the very best orthodontic care available.

Dr. Michelle Thornberg Orthodontist
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